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It would not be an episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta without one over the top amount of shade from Kenya Moore and she absolutely brought the drama. During a scene at a charity event castmate Porsha Williams was having for the March of Dimes, Porsha’s friend Shamea Morton talked about the pain she went through giving birth and the epidural that didn’t take. It was a touching story to hear, informing the public about just what women go through during labor and the risk of possibly not making it. But then, in like a wrecking ball came Kenya Moore with her recollection of how the story went.

To start, Kenya told what happened when she received the text from Shamea saying her water broke and how she asked if she needed anything. She pointed out in a very dismissive way that she didn’t know what Porsha was doing, that she was working, or busy or something. Porsha later said that she found it interesting that Kenya would be her first choice to contact when her water break.

Now while this may seem shocking since Shamea is the ultimate besty to Porsha, don’t forget that Kenya did say that Porsha was busy doing something else. If you’re at work, and in Porsha’s case on television, it isn’t as if she can stop to go to the hospital with someone. And notice that it wasn’t said that Kenya was the first to be contacted per se. The reaction online involved a lot of people quite upset with Kenya saying she went out of her way to shade Porsha, but did she?

Earlier in the week Marlo Hampton did an interview with Entertainment Tonight talking about how Kenya’s behavior really went a bridge too far this season. “I feel she did come back to make a point and it’s, like, ‘I don’t care who I’m going to hurt, I wanna secure my job,'” Marlo surmises. “But still, that was so awful. God, don’t go… just have — it’s not the beginning of the show! You remember those times when I would go below the belt? But I feel we’ve grown … To me, she went back to, like, the beginning of the seasons. Like, girl, I understand you haven’t had an acting gig in forever. But come on! Right now is not the time for you to come here acting and trying to get attention.” Even Kenya admitted the drum set was her getting caught up with making good tv.

And as for what Marlo thinks of Kenya on the show, “Is Kenya good for the show? Absolutely. Does Kenya go too far? Absolutely. She just needs somebody in corporate to sit and talk to her and say … how to balance it, because then it’ll end up how it was a couple episodes when she just, she provokes people. She’s provoked people several times. And it’s not — don’t do that. People have too much real stuff going on in their lives for you to be evil like that.”

Even the most anti-Kenya voices can admit Kenya’s good for the show and love her or hate her, she is going to bring it and in instances like this when it isn’t even clear if shade was meant, she unintentionally makes the show.

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