Photo Credit: Kenya Moore/Instagram; Nene Leakes/Instagram

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 12 reunion’s going to be one for the books if Kandi Burruss’ account is to believed. Because of social distancing over the coronavirus, everyone had to connect virtually which pretty much gave them free reign to talk over each other and full annihilate each other without being stopped making Andy Cohen’s job well worth the pay this time around, probably moreso than ever before.

Among some of the revelations, Kenya Moore accused Nene Leakes of having a secret boyfriend in DC. That’s where she has her newest location of her Swagg boutique. That might explain why she chose that location of all places because it’s not everyday that people choose DC as a retail location as someone with just a few shops. Miami, New York City, Atlanta and LA are usually where you go first. Hmm. Leakes also threatened Burruss with legal action. It isn’t clear over what especially how these two had a pact to be respectful with each other. So much for that.

When Leakes made up with Porsha Williams, that apology apparently was sincere because they stood by each other then entire reunion. It was Eva Marcille and Leakes who had it out for each other. It started when Leakes did an interview calling Marcille boring. It was said that she went hard after Leakes and while you can say what you want about Ms. Marcille but cross her and she will read you into the back corner of the basement.

Leakes walked off of the set, err, away from her computer multiple times because of her everyone coming at her. Remember she started off this season on a spiritual journey trying to mend fences and then released a snippet of a diss song essentially reading everyone. I guess that didn’t last very long. And do you know she’s accused Burruss of stopping her from getting a Bravo spinoff recently? Now that’s interesting. And the crazy part is that Burruss is the second person she’s accused of that. Leakes said Wendy Williams’ ex husband Kevin Hunter did the same to her so that she wouldn’t be competition for his wife.

While she’s had the greatest rise from nothing to being the biggest personality on the show, Leakes having her show would definitely prove to be entertaining. The shocking part about this is that she has had many opportunities over the last decade + of this show so to see her lamenting opportunities at this point given her house, what she drives and having I believe 3 boutique locations, she should be more grateful than anything. Leakes is extremely fun when she wants to be but has come across very bitter in recent years. And despite what it is she’s been going through, I’m certain that energy of her going through the motions seeming to hate her job is probably reflecting on some of these stopped opportunities. But that’s just my thought. She’s done well and that can’t be taken away from her.

The Season 12 reunion of the Real Housewives of Atlanta will be airing Sunday, May 10th at 8pm EST. It will be well worth watching.