Photo Credit: TMZ

Kenya Moore is back on the Real Housewives of Atlanta and love her or hate her, she has a lot to bring to the show. And one of those things is the fact that she gets under Nene Leakes’ skin. Outside of her hair care line launch at Sally Beauty in Atlanta, she was asked if she felt Leakes was a bully. She said absolutely and that she bullies everyone on the cast. Regarding Leakes being intimidated by her, Moore said she had no idea why that is since she comes in peace. And as for alliances on the show, Moore said Leakes has very few friends among the cast based on how she’s treated everyone.

Perhaps Leakes’ behavior could be coming from her relationship status. She was accused of being mean to her husband as he was battling cancer. Then she’s on camera in the season 12 teaser asking her husband about an open relationship. Usually people act out when they’re going through something themselves. When the topic of taking advice from Leakes came up as it pertains to her own relationship, Moore said she doesn’t take advice of any kind from her and particularly not about wigs. Ouch. It looks like Kenya Moore’s return to the Real Housewives is going to be a memorable one and she’s clearly gunning for the top spot.