Photo Credit: Bravo; Walter Jackson/Instagram

For those who weren’t tuned in a few years ago, when Kenya Moore first joined the Real Housewives of Atlanta, she was dating Walter Jackson. He’s a toy truck driver with a company of his own and also very little patience for nonsense which also explains why he and Kenya aren’t together anymore. Anyway, despite her not getting a ring out of him, they split up and fast forward a few years later and both are in new relationships with new young additions to their family. The difference, however, might be that only one of them appears to be happy with their spouse.

During a couples dinner on the reality series last night, Kenya and her husband Marc Daly were having quite the abrasive conversation in front of their friends in a manner that seemed completely avoidable. Marc was speaking in an extremely dismissive and condescending tone to Kenya about everything from whether they had a discussion about prenups or not, a conversation she says they had that he seems to not remember to his defense of his friendship with Nene Leakes, despite his wife saying how much she’s hurt her as a friend. Kandi Burruss was taken aback in her confessional talking about it and the other men at the table spoke about how a husband is supposed to take his wife’s side and protect her. That was a concept that seemed to completely evade him. And he seemed to have been slightly agitated for whatever reason during the conversation. We know that he didn’t want to film when she was originally on the show, so whether he felt he was doing something he didn’t want to do or just really is that way with Kenya all the time is another story. She certainly seemed hurt during the dinner which was tough to see.

As for Walter, he posted pictures of his daughter that he had with his new significant other sitting in Santa’s lap. He also made a few Instagram Story posts that would could perceive as digs at his ex Kenya. The second the show went off, he and his (we’re just going to call her his girlfriend for now) both were seen looking into the camera together in a bit of a “nannynannybooboo” way as if they had just seen the show together. The next post said, “With the right person, you don’t have to work so hard to be happy. It just happens.” And a previous post said to “Know who you are. Know your worth. Never allow anyone to play with your heart, disrespect you, or take you for granted. Love yourself first.” So was this shade at Kenya? It does seem so. Or it could just be some advice for her to run for the hills mixed with a little shade. If anything is obvious from watching this last episode is that Kenya definitely looks like each instance her husband is arguing with her, it’s eating at her and it’s a sad thing to say. And while she and Walter didn’t work out, he at least knows how to say the right words just in case she’s watching to let her know that she still deserves better.