Photo Credit: Keri Hilson/Instagram

Keri Hilson was a major breakout artist in the late 2000s as she wrote for tons of people and was a heavily featured artist, but it was her beef with Beyonce that caused her to have the fastest cancellation we can remember. Even when Kodak Black hit on Nipsey Hussle’s girl Lauren London after he passed, it still didn’t come with the type of backlash Keri Hilson received. Well she’s offered some incite into what happened behind the scenes only about a decade later.

In a recent interview on Fox Soul she spoke about the pressures of the industry saying, “Early in your career, you feel like you have to listen. When you buck, they buck harder and they make threats. Those threats are huge ones. You don’t feel like you have a choice. I really didn’t feel like I had a choice… You learn to fight harder, but I didn’t have enough fight in me at 20, 21.”

But then it was her remix lyrics in her song Turnin Me On that was responsible for start of the beef with her being accused of targeting Beyonce and Ciara at the same time. The lyrics said, “You can dance, she can sing but need to move it to the left.” Then she did a red carpet where she was asked to pose with a magazine cover that had Beyonce and Jay-Z on it where she said she couldn’t do it and refused the picture.

All of these events Hilson says were orchestrated to appear that she was targeting those two artists when that wasn’t the case at all. “Was not my lyrics, was not my writing, was not my doing.” She said of the ordeal and said it ultimately derailed her dream. “Then, I’m caught. Do I tell the truth? Do I expose them early in my career? I’m super young, super new. This [is] my first album. It just soiled my whole dream.”