Photo Credit: Kevin Hart/Instagram

Comedian Kevin Hart had the prayers of fans and the industry alike this week when his 1970s muscle car ran into a ditch in the hills above Malibu with the aftermath being something only a miracle could pull someone out of. Well that miracle seems to have came as he not only survived but after walking away with the help of a bodyguard and being taken to the hospital, he had back surgery yesterday for a “major back injury.” For now he’s going to be in the hospital for a few days to recover so all of the prayers he received worked out. The driver, Jared Black was airlifted to UCLA Medical Center and is currently surrounded by family as he recovers. And Jared’s fiance, celebrity trainer Rebecca Broxterman was pinned in the backseat but suffered only minor injuries.

Meanwhile he has plenty of messages from his friends wishing him a speedy recovery from The Rock saying they have plenty more laughs to have together to Terry Crews asking him to get well to Arsenio Hall saying he couldn’t be replaced. As someone who has been in a car that’s ran off the road with someone else driving, I understand what he’s going through. We didn’t have an accident but to realize all of this occurred at the fault of someone else makes it worse. The extent I experienced was watching everything fly around in the car and grabbing the back of the driver’s seat expecting the worst, thinking we would go into a tree doing 80+. As for the reckless driver I was with at the time, we’re no longer friends. We wish Hart the best in his recovery. I was just watching him this weekend before this happened. There truly is no other Kevin Hart.