Photo Credit: Kevin Hart/Instagram

Kevin Hart was in a horrific car accident last month that nearly took his life and other than his back surgery and the fact he was undergoing physical therapy, we haven’t heard very much of an update on how he was doing. Well that changed with a video he posted showing his progress. The video showed him in various levels of physical therapy from being helped sitting up in a hospital bed, water therapy, getting help walking and some of it in his home after he had been released from the hospital. He’s speaking throughout the whole thing with him saying that “When God talks, listen.” He said he felt that God had told him to sit down and that he was doing too much.

After the accident, he says he now sees things differently and has a whole new appreciation for life. One of the last clips in the video shows Hart dancing with weights in his hands. As someone who injured their own back lifting weights before, you definitely can’t do that with a bad back. On top of that, considering this all happened the beginning of September and in less than 2 months he’s walking around normal, that is impressive. We recently covered a model that ended up in a coma from a similar accident last year who is still undergoing heavy physical therapy. Hart’s right. He’s definitely lucky to be alive and as well as he is.

To further show how well Hart is doing, he shared a video he did with The Rock that’s a preview of a trailer for Jumanji: The Next Level. And from the looks of the video you’d never know that anything was wrong with Hart. Following up after the video he did showing his rehab progress, it’s good to see him essentially being all better now. And kudos for having the professionally shot and edited post-rehab footage. As for the Jumanji video, he showed up to The Rock’s house dressed up as him in the viral throwback pic of him with mom jeans, a turtle neck and fannie pack on. That image alone was hilarious and pretty much sold us on seeing the next Jumanji. It’s scheduled to be out December 13th. And that seems so sudden. It feels like I just went to the movies to see the last one.