Photo Credit: Kevin Hart/Instagram

Days after getting out of the hospital and going into rehab, following a severe car crash, Kevin Hart has just been sued for a whopping $60 million for his alleged involvement in his 2017 sex tape leak by the other partner. Now you have to be quite cold blooded to sue a man who almost died days ago who’s now sitting in rehab. But that seems to be the message that the woman in the video Montia Sabbag is sending, and we have to say, it’s quite the strong one. She’s clearly not playing. She’s claiming that Hart and his friend JT Jackson planned the entire thing with Hart letting Jackson into his hotel room to set up the camera all for him to get more money for his upcoming comedy tour.

This whole scheme that Sabbag talks about sounds quite genius, that is if Hart didn’t speak so highly of his wife. Every interview he’s always referring to her as “his rib.” And while this alleged planned sex tape leak could have been explained away as something old, there was just one minor problem… the two were spotted out getting kind of cozy in Vegas. Once those date stamped images came out, coupled with the sex tape with the same woman, it would be kind of hard for him to say this was in the past. And his wife very well could have asked for a divorce during the whole ordeal. That might also explain why he reported and had his friend, Jackson arrested for extortion in trying to get money out of him to keep the tape a secret. But that’s just us thinking this through. Who knows what happened but a lot of people are willing to throw any and everyone under the bus if it means keeping their marriage together.

No word has been given by Hart’s team as of yet. This is the second scandal he’s found himself in since his car accident with the first being the airing of an episode of HBO’s The Shop: Uninterrupted he was in where he said “so what,” regarding Lil Nas X coming out of the closet which didn’t exactly go over well with social media. Well, we’re going to report further on this as more details come in.