Photo Credit: Kevin Hart/Instagram

Kevin Hart’s been hospitalized for the last 10 days following his car accident in Calabasas that left him with three spinal fractures, but he’s reportedly out now. He’s now said to have been transferred to a live in facility where he’ll undergo rigorous physical therapy for his recovery. He was seen leaving L.A.’s Northridge Hospital Medical Center in a wheelchair being loaded into a van and was quoted as telling a source that spoke with TMZ, “I’m grateful to be alive.” And grateful he should be because anytime you can get cut out of a vehicle and live to tell of it is nothing but a blessing.

Caught outside of Starbucks this afternoon was his wife Eniko Parrish who said he’s doing “amazing.” She went on to say “We’re just taking it one day at a time… He’ll be back on track in no time.” He’s expected to spend about 4 months in rehab before heading home for more therapy. His friend The Rock brought him up today on what would have been Paul Walker’s 46th birthday where he made it known how important it is to cherish our relationships because he just had a scare where he almost lost another friend, Kevin Hart. And we understand because he’s had another chance at life. Just look at the Cleveland Browns player Chris Smith who just lost his girlfriend right after having an accident. Things could have definitely been much worse.