Photo Credit: Keyshia Cole/Twitter

For weeks it’s been speculation about Keyshia Cole and Antonio Brown and so much so that it was assumed they were a couple. We had almost forgotten that she didn’t confirm it. At one point Brown posted what looked like a tattoo that Cole had of his initials on her and quickly deleted it. Well it’s since been confirmed and it quickly as things went public, Brown dumped her on camera on Instagram in front of the world.

Brown posted a video saying “We don’t want you, Keyshia,” said he was a player and to get off of his d*ck. She responded in giant letters in her IG Story saying why even deal with that, and for what? She said she has a 12 year old child and nothing is worth that level of disrespect. She spoke about what level of respect she had for him as well.

And the internet came to Cole’s defense. She shared a post from Essence Magazine saying they love her and people like reality star Tommie Lee said, “I feel mad for her this ain’t it!” And she added, “Yuck,” Queen Naija said it’s “Time to get in that booth.” Her sister Neffeteria posted a pic of him saying it was time to stop letting men that looked like him disrespect women.

What’s sad about this is that we interviewed one of the producers of Neffe’s new show, All N Hip Hop where we discussed how this was her chance to reintroduce herself to the world after being publicly disrespected by Iyanla who called her a guttersnipe and a few other things, not exactly something one would expect when going for marriage counseling. And here it is her sister Keyshia is going through the same thing.

The thing about this is Antonio Brown has been for a lack of better words a public trainwreck for years. The man was sued for throwing a chair and a vase out of his window and off the balcony nearly hitting a child and their father because he was mad at his maid that day. He took pics of a women he was seeing, put them and her child in the group chat to his friends including her and asked them to find info on her family as revenge for who knows what. So we were concerned when we heard she was getting with him. And don’t forget the number of teams he was kicked off of for his behavior. But this is America and we’re a country of second chances. We were silently rooting for him to get his act together and we said maybe he can help him do that. And then this happened. Come to think of it, this is worse than the time he threw a bag of d*ck shaped gummy candy at his baby mother in front of the police on camera on Instagram. In the end, Keyshia deserves better. And Antonio Brown needs some friends. If they’re not telling him he’s wrong for this, he needs some new ones.