Photo Credit: Khalil Wells/Instagram

Khalil Wells is a young aspiring model that made himself known walking around stark naked outside on Tumblr. Not that anything is wrong with that, his body and D is on point. If anything he needs to do it more often. To our benefit he’s starting getting naked on Instagram lately *insert praise break here* on top of his ConnectPal account where he sells footage of himself for $11.99 a month. I haven’t signed up but if the content is as good as what he puts on Tumblr, I’m sure it’s well worth it. And let’s not forget the whole gay fetish of getting freaky with a sibling. They’ve never had sex but they’ve j*rked off and played around naked together. Come to think of it, their relation to each other could be made up for all we know and it wouldn’t matter. It’s still hot. lol. (This is entertainment people. Stop taking it so seriously.) When we last wrote about him he was living with a girl, was in a relationship with her and seemed to have written off guys but… no sign of her or that situation now so, fellas, I guess this means he’s all yours! lol

One thing that stood out is a recent post he made saying if he lived in the heart of ATL he’d do photoshoots, music, club appearances and everything, praying his time would come soon. He’s an attractive guy, seems to be talented and even from a few short videos he’s posted of him talking shows he has the potential to be an internet personality that is if he’d quit deleting his d*mn posts. It’s a huge pet peeve of mine when people delete the content they’ve posted online. How is anyone supposed to book, scout or write about you if you’ve removed everything you have about yourself off the internet. I’ve known a number of creative people move to Atlanta in recent years whose careers have done quite well. I’m definitely hoping this works out for him. He’s definitely got a look that needs to be seen more. I know plenty of models who look far worse than him that have full careers in Atlanta so he’ll do just fine. I’m not aware of doing music but I would love to hear what he’s got.

Glitzers, check out Khalil Wells’ latest from his Instagram below and a couple bonus nudes we’ve thrown in just because and if you’ve got the ability to book him, hey, why not?

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