Photo Credit: Khia/Instagram; Bobby Lytes/Instagram

Khia just went on the most epic homophobic rant directed at Trina’s cousin Bobby Lytes. But first, we’re going to give a little back story on what happened here. Khia recently decided to go after her favorite target Trina (no surprise there), who in the middle of her mourning her mother’s passing from cancer had the nerve to say Trina sacrificed her. But that isn’t all Khia said Trina had been losing. Added to the list, according to Khia, Trina’s been losing her hair, her teeth, her deals, her fans, her virginity at 12, her walls, her career, her pregnancies, Trick [Daddy].” As for her sacrificing her mother, she said “We gon’ see if this sacrifice helps her sell records or get her more shows.”

Now all this was just a little too much for Trina’s cousin to take who decided to do a video talking about how evil she is, sharing pics of her in the process talking about her looks. For those who saw what he had to say, while defending his family was honorable, it was a little weak. Khia on the other hand knows how to read and we all knew she was going to rip him to shreds for his weak response. For disclaimer sake, we love Khia at PopGlitz but her problem when working with TS Madison was that she would always put in that one joke that just went too far. She has no boundaries but… that’s also why people like her.

Khia told Lytes, “We the people sentence you to a DNAids test. See your access has been denied down that Old Town Road cause you been desperately chasing Lil Nas [X] and he don’t want you. So you won’t be riding no horses but you can ride your sissy cauliflower colored ass down to the free clinic to get some penicillin shots bitch.”

“Nobody wants either of you or them. Not Lil Nas or Lil Wayne. Hell, even French Montana didn’t want that bastard hound. He went all the way to Khloé [Kardashian] and you know don’t nobody want her,” said Khia. “Child get your shit together. Go and get that throat and that loose asshole swabbed so that you can finally have several seats without itching and a burning sensation in your pants bitch. When it come to roasting the queen, please come correct. And Sourpuss, we heard you and Trick were performing at your mammy funeral and no one was there.”

Now we don’t condone any below the belt roasts but there’s another layer to this. Don’t forget that last week she was getting ready to invite callers to her show and found out live on air that her call in line had been disconnected so she probably had to go extra harder at Lytes so people would forget. It’s safe to say she’s going to be adding him to her permanent list of people she’ll be roasting on a consistent basis.

Watch Khia dragging Bobby Lytes below:

The video Khia responded to: