Photo Credit: BACKGRID

Just one month before her daughter’s first birthday, Khloe Kardashian has had quite the year. From almost the second the child was born she’s been bombarded with allegations of her man Tristan Thompson cheating. She’s overall dealt with it pretty well publicly up until her friend Jordyn Woods was accused of sleeping with Tristan. It was revealed that Khloe had all of his social media passwords as well to keep him in line. A lot of good that did since they ended up going their separate ways.

The good part about all of this is their child. Khloe wrote on Twitter over the weekend “He is a good dad to her.” She went on to say “My sweet and special baby True will NEVER be put in the middle of him and I. I can promise that.” Things have been so negative between the two from her multi day social media meltdown to the social media reactions, interview from Jordyn and the like, it’s good to see they’re able to at least get along well enough to raise their child despite what happened in their relationship.

“It’s more a disappointment about what will never be for True,” a friend said about everything that’s gone down. “Khloé stayed with Tristan because of True, hoping to be a family forever.” A source close to the Kardashians stated “[It’s] a very sad situation for everyone. Khloé’s entire world is True. That’s helping her heart. Tristan and Khloé are coparenting a child together. That’s not really the issue. She’s doing her best to keep them on good terms.” When asked how she’s doing on Twitter, Khloe said “It’s been tough but my baby girl has got me through,” the Kocktails With Khloé host wrote. “It will be a journey but I’ll be OK. I promise you. I hope you’ve been OK and that you are happy.”

The girl that was in the middle of all of it, Jordyn Woods has not only moved on but she’s profiting off of her new found fame. Outside of her new lash line, she’s been getting business calls left and right. Marketing guru Sheeraz Hasan has been fielding many of these calls which is a good thing since he’s worked with Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Logan Paul, and Paris Hilton. So far she has Dubai, London and the Middle East on her itinerary for the near future. That’s not bad as compensation for dealing with public humiliation where as she said, she wasn’t able to leave the house for some time including her mother because of the way they were being harrassed. Hopefully Khloe will be able to continue on herself and possibly get her head buried into work so she won’t resort back to her social media shenanigans again.