Photo Credit: Kid Ink/Instagram

Rapper Kid Ink came home to his L.A. home Thursday to find luggage in the yard he hadn’t put there. Upon further inspection he learned his home had been robbed with a whopping $200,000 of items stolen from jewelry to purses he had lying around. Then there’s the question of how the hell did someone get in his place to take that much stuff. It turns out the back door was left unlocked. No sign of forced entry was shown at the property Unfortunately, he might have a little trouble with his home insurance company because of that.

There’s been a string of L.A. area burglaries lately and we’re sad to say Kid Ink’s only the most recent of them to happen. Rihanna, Yasiel Puig, Taylor Swift, Chief Keef, Christina Milian are all reported to have had their homes broken into in recent months. A handful of people were arrested after being found to have been targeting celebrities last fall who drove into L.A. in a luxury car knocking on doors dressed up, only to change and break in when they found no one was at home. A mother and son duo with the son being a minor were also a part of it. Studies show that 30% of home break-ins occur with an unlocked door so please everyone, lock your doors. We’re sure Kid Ink wishes he had.