Photo Credit: White House

There are people who legitimately feel too big of and an out of control government is dangerous. Hello, George Floyd, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, etc. But the other reason for it is the extreme side of dictators. Take a look at Kim Jong Un in North Korea. This is a man who right now while arguably on his death bed as he’s been reported to be in poor health for some time despite just being in his mid-30s, is more concerned with the music his citizens are listening to than the dire poverty there. In fact, he’s so concerned about what they’re listening to that he’s threatening prison sentences.

Yes, you read that correctly. Kim Jong Un is so concerned with indoctrinating his citizens into believing the North Korean way is the only way, he is forbidding listening to K pop music or South Korean dramas. The North Korean media has been slamming “anti-socialist” influence for months now, the New York Times reports. He feels his country’s ‘attire, hairstyles, speeches, behaviours’ are all being negatively influenced.

This law punishing people with labor camp sentences for listening to K-pop was put into place in December and the original punishment of 5 years has been ramped up to 15. And for the people found smuggling South Korean media into the North which has been a thing for years, can face even worse to include death as punishment. Those who ‘speak, write or sing in South Korean style’ will face up to two years of hard labor. All we can say is that this really makes us get a new found respect for our freedoms here and something to celebrate this July 4th.

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