Photo Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Pete Davidson is one of those guys that women all seem to love while guys are left scratching their heads wondering what’s seen in him. And we know because there’s been plenty of televised debate analyzing his sex appeal. But just as we’ve grown accustomed to seeing him and Kim K, he just pulled a real head scratcher. And that’s that him and Kimmykakes just got matching bleached hair jobs and matching outfits.

Now we aren’t saying you can’t have matching outfits and hair with your man but that does come off a little suspect. It reminds us of how she said she almost had a panic attack dressing herself after breaking up with her husband Kanye West. That sounds more like you’ve lost your gay bestie than a husband.

Hopefully Davidson’s bleach reveal in Kim’s story took a little more effort than hers. She was criticized for what was widely described as a botched bleach job at this year’s Met Gala. She spent one day and 14 hours getting her hair color lifted, something that took her sister Khloe about 5 months and several dye jobs to get that color, resulting in her having a multicolored, uneven platinum blond color.

One TikToker said about it, “Kim’s hair is very much giving me: I convinced my college roommate to impulse bleach my hair in the dorm bathroom after downing 4 white claws.” But if she’s happy, we’re happy. But maybe lighten up on playing dress up with your significant other just a bit. That might have had something to do with Kanye snapping. Hopefully the bleached hair was his idea and not hers. Just saying.