Photo Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

The Tristan Thompson cheating scandal went on for over a year and reached unprecedented heights for any celebrity couple, with the exception of Wendy Williams and her husband. In fact, if it weren’t for Wendy’s husband’s deeds, we’d probably still be talking about Tristan. But after seeing how the scandal has cost her family friends, her sister Khloe, a relationship and sister Kylie a best friend, Kim’s taken more of a healing stance on things. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight she had this to say, “I think there’s always a time and a place for everything and I think boundaries are good, lessons are good, forgiveness is good. It’s all good, but you really have to talk to the people that were more involved.” Tristan spent 10 of the 11 months his child with Khloe has been on this Earth fighting cheating accusations both present and past to which a source told US Magazine “Khloé is doing really well” last month.

We’re certainly hoping Khloe keeps her head together after all of these cheating accusations because she was quite unhinged last month. “She’s loving being a mom and happy to have the Jordyn and Tristan drama behind her,” a source tells US Magazine. “She’s looking forward to the future, not the past.” The only problem with that is that her past is now going to be aired across television on Season 16 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and inevitably going to fill her social media comments and timelines the next 6 months. During the trailer for the new season, she said, “It just sucks it has to be so public. I’m not just a TV show, this is my life. Sometimes the world forgets to be kind, and that we’re all going through something.”

Now it’s time for Kim to have a baby soon, except this time it’s by surrogate. Compared to her relatives, she seems to be the only one capable of keeping a healthy and stable relationship these days, despite how questionably stable the media likes to portray her husband. She appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show for April Fool’s day discussing the new baby and what she plans on naming them saying “We all weigh in. I definitely take a family survey, but it’s usually after the baby’s born and we’re trying to figure out what the baby looks like. I usually go about three or four days nameless until I feel that it really connects with me.” Amazingly, she says she’s considering the child after one of her family members this time. “I was truthfully thinking about just naming him Rob, [after] my brother. But then it’s like, North, Saint, Chicago, Rob. It doesn’t really go. I really was feeling like that, or Robert. And my brother approved it, so that’s, like, our one kind of name. I like Rob West.” This is interesting given the volatile relationship that not only she but the entire family has had with him over the years, but this is a good olive branch, showing he’s still in the mix and appreciated. Now this did take place on April Fool’s Day, so we hope this name suggestion wasn’t a joke. If so, that would be pretty cruel, albeit absolutely hilarious. She also stated “I was Googling Armenian boys’ names last night, and I couldn’t really find anything.”

We’re wishing continued family and relationship success to Kim and pray she keeps up this bonding role she’s taken with her family, keeping everyone from clawing each other’s eyes out. If you’ve seen the show, you definitely know what we’re talking about.