Photo Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram; Chris Young/Instagram

One of President Trump’s last acts leaving office was pardoning dozens of people including someone Kim Kardashian had been lobbying to have released. That person is Chris Young who was sentenced to life for federal drug and firearms charges at 26 and is now out at 32. And as for who all helped her get it done, well Kardashian’s post says it all.

“Chris Young is FREE after more than a decade behind bars. Wow My heart is so full! It brings tears to my eyes to see Judge Sharp welcome him home,” she wrote.

Adding, “I worked on this case with @msbkb (Chris’ attorney Brittany K. Barnett) for years so this victory is so sweet!!! Thank you @alicemariefree @jessicajackson (REFORM Alliance’s Chief Analytics Officer) & Judge Sharp for fighting so hard for Chris and never giving up!!!”

Note that nowhere in there was former President Trump mentioned in there. In light of his second impeachment trial and the whole insurrection thing, it’s understandable that she may want to keep her distance but did he help or didn’t he? It’s worth noting that Young thanked Trump on his own social media. I mean, considering what he gained out of this, I don’t think there’s much backlash he’s going to get.

And if you’d ask what our opinion of his original charges are, people shouldn’t be charged for selling things people voluntarily want to buy and ingest. If you don’t like what it’s doing to them, invest in rehab instead of prison. We’ve all in both parties determined that mass incarceration doesn’t work and if we want to stop it, ending prison terms for selling things people are willingly buying could be a good place to begin. And as for the gun charges, unless you’ve committed a crime with one, there’s no reason for a charge. Even criminals have the right to protect themselves and Constitutional carry in all 50 states would end that part of mass incarceration… but that’s another story.

Congratulations Chris Young on being home despite who is or isn’t thanked here.