Photo Credit: Kim Zolciak/Instagram

Kim Zolciak is a woman we have watched on Bravo since the late 2000s. She was fabulous from day 1 always dressed in the best and driving the best. Then we started seeing some cracks in the veneers of it all. She broke up with her mysterious benefactor, Lee Najjar, more affectionately known as Big Poppa as his real estate enterprise started struggling. That’s when she met her current hubby Kroy Biermann… and the two had to move out of the home they were renting mysteriously because it was “haunted” she said.

Fast forward to 2021 and Kim Zolciak’s show Tardy for the Party has been cancelled after 8 seasons. Her former castmate NeNe Leakes hired Ben Crump as an attorney citing favoritism of the white Real Housewives castmembers who had put in less work than her getting opportunities for advancement when she didn’t. And that threw Zolciak all underneath the bus which is likely why her show was pulled. But after all of these years, one would think Zociak would have her business climate set up where she doesn’t have to ask for donations from fans just because.

That donation like Zolciak had in her LinkTree was deleted but not before a screenshot was gathered by All About the Tea. Then she’s selling a $77 a month “Spiritual Academy” subscription. The program, she says will offer access “to tolls and information on how to manifest your dreams and live your best life.” It will be ran by her and her friend Nicole Zeola Love. They are currently looking for “people truly passionate about improving their lives” and people “passionate about helping people.” The business calls itself “A school of alignment, enlightenment, and illumination.”

Photo Credit: Kim Zolciak/LinkTree

First, aside from die-hard fans which may be enough in itself, who is looking to Kim Zolciak for spiritual guidance? There are a lot of things she could talk about from clothing to makeup, etc but spirit? When has Kim Zolciak ever been known to be someone spiritual? We would imagine her struggling to do a yoga pose with a cigarette in hand, knocking her red cup over. Still, we wish her well with that venture. We hope that she’s able to move on to do something else with her career. This kind of feels like karma for that time she was clowning Kandi Burruss for her new home which she seems to have enough work outside of the Real Housewives to pay for it as well as her lifestyle. Also note that Zolciak has a single earner household which just lost its main source of income. She says her husband is managing her and her family’s careers. Well this is the time he’d better sing for his supper. We saw what she did to Big Poppa. He doesn’t want to get kicked to the curb while he’s not doing anything himself.

Photo Credit: Kim Zolciak/Instagram