Photo Credit: Matthew Brookes

Game of Thrones star Kit Harrington has been revealed to have checked himself into rehab for stress and alcohol use. He’s also managed to have kept it a secret the last month that he’s been in there until now. And if you think you’re taking the ending of Game of Thrones bad, just think about the cast. In the middle of a table reading, Harrington burst into tears and was unable to continue after he found out what happened to Daenerys, played by Emilia Clarke. He cried again at the end of filming.

“The final day of shooting, I felt fine . . . I felt fine . . . I felt fine. . . Then I went to do my last shots and started hyperventilating a bit,” he told Esquire last month. Then they called, “Wrap!” And I just f—ing broke down. It was this onslaught of relief and grief about not being able to do this again.”

He was also said to have been struggling with the ending of the show which was causing problems in his new marriage to Rose Leslie, who he met while filming the show. He’s been accused of cheating on her and has even been dragged out of a bar last year. He’s said he’s interested in having a kid soon, but not with that type of behavior does he need to be having one.

A friend of Harrington’s said that ending a show that took up the last decade of his life “really hit Kit hard.” His wife and castmate Leslie is said to be “extremely supportive” with him. It’s also said that while he is in treatment, he’s undergoing psychological coaching, practicing mindful meditation and cognitive behavioral therapy to deal with stress and negative emotions at a whopping $120,000 a month. I mean, he could have just gone to the Bunny Ranch that Lamar Odom went to. I forget how much that cost but it couldn’t have been $120,000 a month. Or he could have done what Charlie Sheen did and just like a hooker in his hotel room with him and forbid her to leave. Just kidding. Don’t try that last one at home, kids. We’re just glad he’s getting help and hope he finds more work soon after GoT. There’s no way he should have trouble doing so.