Photo Credit: TMZ Sport; Kusha Alagband Photography

We recently covered how some lucky bastard wound up with a sight unseen win of a storage locker belonging to none other than Kobe Bryant containing everything from a mink of his to over 30+ of Kobe’s shoes. And he got all of that for under $400. Again… lucky bastard. He made a profit of about $13,000 selling it to Rene Nezhoda with Storage Wars, who just as they were getting ready to put it on the market and make a killing, Kobe’s widow, Vanessa Bryant intervened. She heard about it and felt she was entitled to it.

The next part in this story I need you all to pay attention to. Any sensible person would feel that the widow of someone whose personal items are going for sale would feel some way about it and would possibly want them back. So what did she do? Well it’s been reported that Vanessa got in touch with Nezhoda and they were able to come to an agreement for her to get in possession of the storage locker items. No dollar amount has been shared as of yet.

Do you know what Vanessa didn’t do? She didn’t lure them into a hotel room to try and steal it from them like OJ Simpson did in the mid-2000s that sent his stupid self to prison, not for the murder of his wife, but being a prick trying to get back items he lost when his home was foreclosed on and personal items of his went for sale yeeeears ago. So the object lesson here is to be more like Vanessa Bryant and less like OJ Simpson.