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Kodak Black might be just a little too excited to be out of prison now with fans questioning her turn up behavior on camera that he’s now viral for yet again. This time, it’s for dancing with his mother and rubbing on and grabbing a handful of her a** in public in the center of a dance floor. He decided to go on Instgaram Live to explain himself saying how much he loves his mom.

“I love the shit out my momma,” Kodak said. “We‘ve been through a lot of shit, you know what I’m saying? My momma was my momma and my daddy, bro. My daddy left us when a nigga was young … we was broke as shit. Moms stood up.”

“When I see my mama, homie, I adore her,” Kodak said. “I kiss her feet, homie, what you talkin’ bout boy… Some of you niggas don’t even holla at your mama. Some of you niggas don’t even call your mama, homie. Some of you niggas don’t spend time with your mama, homie… How do you expect to love a bitch if you don’t love your ol’ girl. That’s my ol’ girl. She ain’t trippin’. I don’t give a fuck what you talkin’ bout, nigga. I grabbed my mama because I treat my mama like my lady, nigga. That’s my queen, nigga.”

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He clarified that he is not involved sexually with his mother saying, “We ain’t doin’ no crazy shit.” The real reason he may get carried away sometimes is because he wants to make his mom feel “real beautiful. I grab her, like I make her feel real beautiful. I remind my mama, ‘You beautiful, I’m fucked up bout you ma, I’m in love with you,’” he said.

Now anytime you have to explain to the public that you are not getting sexual with your mother, there is a problem. I’ve only witnessed such a thing once in life and that was when I attended a political fundraiser and one brother was rubbing on the other’s face for what I assumed was fixing his beard and when I turned around, he quickly moved his hand as if he had been caught doing something he wasn’t supposed to. It was very creepy. And while I don’t like telling other people how to live, I would imagine that most people would find having their grown child who raps with very sexual lyrics grabbing their a** like they’re a video heaux. I would go along with kissing your grown child in the mouth before I would go along with this. Sheesh. Keep it behind closed doors. Or maybe not.