Photo Credit: Kodak Black/Instagram

Say what you want about Kodak Black but he’s been working hard on turning his life around. He spent $14,500 on 5,000 turkeys that he had his team give away through a South Floriday tour touching on different parts of the area according to his attorney Bradford Cohen. They made a total of 7 stops in 3 days in rented trucks to make the deliveries. The people in Sistrunk and Sunland neighborhoods can thank him for helping to brighten their Thanksgivings along with those in Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale, North Miami, Little Haiti in Miami as well as Golden Acres where he grew up.

His rehab stint will be taking place aexpected to last 90 days and was court ordered due to him failing a drug test back in September. It’s good to see him still finding ways to be an upstanding citizen and helping his community even while in rehab. His attorney says he’s going to be doing more once out.

And being in rehab hasn’t stopped him from being out on the prowl. He’s still shooting his shot while trying to get better. He tried to get at Cardi B’s sister Hennessy Carolina writing on Instagram, “@Hennessycarolina need to marry me” along with a screenshot of Hennessy’s profile. “I’ll be a good boy,” he added. That’s a little classier than when he wrote her in May on his Instagram Story saying, “I Wanna Eat You Till You Pass Out & Die @hennessycarolina.” And back in 2018 he said, “Hennessy, stop playin’ with that pussy. I’m tryna fuck,” he said on his Instagram story. “I don’t give a fuck about your gay girlfriend. I’m tryna beat you.”

So at least he’s improving with how he talks to women now. As for what he does with his hands, after we all saw him grabbing his mother’s a** on the dance floor last month, that’s another story.