Photo Credit: Kodak Black/Instagram

Rapper Kodak Black made the announcement Tuesday that he was paying the rents of 28 West Palm Beach Merry Place Housing Projects families facing eviction. “28 families was bout to get evicted for being behind on their rent a few months,” Kodak wrote on his Instagram Story. “I paid what they owed and also paid their rents for the next few months, so they good for the [remainder] of the year.”

And this selfless act adds to his purchasing of over $12,000 of air condition units he hand delivered to residents of the Golden Acres Projects in Pompano Beach. That was a total of 100 units he gave away. “We out here passing out AC units, helping install them,” Kodak said in a video posted by TMZ at the time. “We do it for the projects, we do it for the projects. The people relying on just enough cash to survive. We’ll get you all ACs man, we out here.”

In other Kodak Black news, he recently went off on a fan recording him out of fear they were going to post his whereabouts in the aftermath of rapper PnBRock’s killing. “Aye, check it out, man. Don’t record me, bro. What you doing? You on Live, but you just put the phone to my car, homie. Don’t do that … You tripping, boy. Come on, homie. You tripping. You don’t see that shit that happened to PnB [Rock]? You don’t see that shit that just happened to PnB Rock, homie? So why you recording me? … God forbid some crazy shit [happen]. Then what? Come on, man. You tripping.”

Kodak Black will also be performing at Complexcon this year in a headlining performance with NIGO Sunday night on November 20th.