Photo Credit: Kodak Black/Instagram

Kodak Black’s now facing a potential 8 years behind bars for during his current federal firearms case which actually isn’t all of his legal troubles. But to start, he’s been in jail since May after being denied bond because a judge said he was a danger to the public. He was originally arrested in Florida at the Rolling Loud Festival along with a number of rappers that weekend that were involved in shootouts all across the Miami area. In his case, he lied about his background to a gun dealer on two separate instances about his background in order to buy a gun. The official charge is “making a false statement in connection with the acquisition or attempted acquisition of a firearm.”

When asked if he was under indictment he said no. He’s currently under indictment in South Carolina for sexually assaulting a girl in a hotel room in 2016. When asked if he was ever convicted of a felony, he also said no. His arrest record is quite the long one. Just one example is his 2013 conviction for carjacking and robbery. He was asked if he’s unlawfully used any controlled substances. He has 8 drug arrests and was just busted at the US/Canada one month prior. Then he transposed digits of his social security number on a couple of his applications so now it looks as though he was trying to forge someone else’s identity. It partially worked because his background didn’t come up on 2 out of 3 of the applications. His social that was written correctly is the one that was denied.

And to make matters worse, the guns he bought were connected to a March shooting although he’s not accused of pulling the trigger. His sentencing won’t be until November and he’s going to remain behind bars until then. We’ll report more as more details emerge.