Photo Credit: TMZ

Rapper Kodak Black is probably ground zero for most hated rap artist right now after offering deceased rapper Nipsey Hussle’s widow Lauren London grieving time before hollering at her, or responding to T.I. with a diss track when he was only trying to tell him what he said wasn’t cool. Well he had a show last night in Boston he didn’t show up for which had to be canceled. When asked about it, several members of his team said they had no idea where he was. That’s quite an unusual and unlikely explanation, but we went with it knowing the truth would come out eventually.

And come out is exactly what happened with the truth this morning when it was revealed he had been arrested at the U.S./Canada border for drugs and weapons charges. Apparently he attempted to skip across the Canadian border and was detained along with two of his friends. There was marijuana and a 9mm glock in the black Escalade he was driving that no one wanted to claim ownership. So they all ended up being arrested with Black getting a criminal possession of a weapon and unlawful possession of a marijuana and his friends, 24 year old Stetson President and 20 year old Madarrow Smith arrested on weapon charges. A second car in his entourage driven by 22 yer old Jeantony Saintmelus who was also arrested. He was a little smarter in the sense that he declared there were two handguns in the car, failed to mention one in the trunk or the marijuana in the car.

A Customs and Border Patrol spokesperson made the following statement about the situation. “During the initial inspection, the U.S. citizens admitted to being in possession of marijuana and firearms. During a secondary inspection, it was revealed that the weapons were possessed unlawfully in New York State and subsequently the marijuana, firearms and subjects were turned over to the New York State Police for further processing.”

Exactly what the reason he tried to run the border is beyond us. For one, he couldn’t have chosen a better time to do so as the Canadian government has recently asked the U.S. to help with drugs at their border and it looks like that’s what they did with him. Also, the club he was scheduled to perform in had just had fights earlier the night with busted jaws and blood everywhere and given how the public has felt about him lately, he probably got scared off. The problem with that is if you’re going to talk trash, talk it, but just be prepared for what happens next.