OPhoto Credit: Lil Yachty/Instagram; Christian Manz/Instagram

Rapper Kodak Black’s been home for a couple weeks and already he’s been granted permission to travel. That’ll have to happen while on probation of course. His request for travel is said that it’s because he wants to continue his charitable work like the scholarship he set up in the name of the children of the Florida FBI agents that were recently killed while in the line of duty. His attorney Bradford Cohen says he’s also looking to book some shows and do some performing and have some label meetings. That of course is to be expected. He’s an artist. What did any of us think he would be doing?

Reports of Kodak being a clone have also been circulating since he’s been out. A couple weeks later and he’s finally decided to say something about it. “‘Why this don’t sound like Kodak?’ What the hell? So who I sound like? All this little clone shit starting to make me mad now,” Kodak said on his Live. “See back then, all my other little bids, whenever this little clone shit came out, I wasn’t really trippin’. Y’all blowing me now.” He went on to say, “You can’t motherfuckin’ duplicate this shit,” Kodak said. “All kind of n***as be trying to imitate this shit…that’s why they was mad that I came home.”

Imagine going through a prison stint and all the things that come with that, only to be told that really wasn’t you and you’re a clone. It may seem childish but it’s also not something people go through everyday either. Having your existence denied we would imagine is aggravating to say the least, especially when you’re working hard on your career and to turn your life around as he is. Meanwhile, he does have a case against him in South Carolina of  alleged criminal sexual misconduct that we will be reporting on as more details become available.