Photo Credit: Kodak Black/Instragram; Ingrid Fasanaro/Instagram

Kodak Black is out of prison thanks to a pardon from former President Trump but is being said to not exactly be himself by members of his team. He’s only been out publicly once in the weeks he’s been home and that was for Super Bowl weekend. He’s showcasing a slimmer, healthier look now, but it’s his mental health that his team is concerned about.

Black, whose real name is Bill Kahan Kapri’s team have “wanted him to seek some type of psychiatric treatment or help,” to no avail and they have said he appears to be “withdrawn” from any interaction. “When he was locked up, he spent a lot of time in solitary confinement and sometimes just being in jail does something to you mentally,” an insider told TheJasmineBrand. “He’s not himself. He’s withdrawn and doesn’t seem to be aware of what’s happening around him.”

The Urban Institute says 45% of federal prisoners have mental illnesses so it’s understandable that he would be experiencing some type of issues in that realm being home now. And if this is the case, we hope he does get the help that he needs. During a conversation with a former Bureau of Prisons staffer recently, we discussed the need for people to have assistance in transitioning back to regular life after becoming free.

In other news, Black just offered to pay the college tuitions of the children of the two recently slain FBI agents in Florida. His attorney Bradford Cohen told Fox News, “Kodak has always put kids first in his charitable donations. He has a passion for making sure kids in crisis are supported financially and emotionally. That being said, whatever he can do to help, he always offers his assistance. He gives his heartfelt condolences to the families and hopes his offer eases their pain.”

It’s at least good to see that he is working to try and right his wrongs being out into society now. His legal woes aren’t quite over yet as he has a case of sexual assault in SC where he’s acccused of assaulting an 18 year old in 2016 at a concert. He has yet to comment on the case publicly.