Photo Credit: Katie Levine

The Kardashians are probably the recipients of some of the most online hate aside from the president so one would expect that they’re used to it and would just let it roll off their sleeve. That wasn’t the case for Kourtney Kardashian who posted a pic of herself reading a book while taking a bath to her Instagram promoting her Poosh brandwhich received a comment she couldn’t help but respond to. The person said, “You know damn well you ain’t reading no book.” This lead to her defending herself citing what she was reading, “Jane Austen’s Emma,” adding, “I try to read every night.”

Another commented saying, “Never read a book,” to which she reminded them, “graduated college.” She has a BA in Theater Arts and minored in Spanish at University of Arizona. She found herself in a similar predicament during this week’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians when she let the family know she no longer had a nanny. This occurred after her daughter Penelope scratched her nanny’s face while trying to put her in her car seat. Then her parenting skills were being called into question.

“She [the nanny] said P was really upset. She was putting her in the car, and she scratched her in the face. But P can be out of control. I think she almost, like, blacks out and does these wild things,” Kourtney told the group. Her mother, Kris Jenner said, “I have six kids. Not once in my entire life did anyone ever have a complaint like this. We need to take care if this before it gets too far out of control.” Kourtney added that she used to slap her nannies. This resulted in Kris’ boyfriend Corey Gamble saying he would spank the 7 year old for what they did. There was a lot of controversy around his remark but it all left out of context how Kourtney allowed her daughter to treat her nanny.

Sigh. Well this is what happens when you share your life in reality television. There are worse things to deal with than negative social media comments, especially when your social media is a major contributor to your career success.