Photo Credit: Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram; Travis Barker/Instagram

Kourtney Kardashian just confirmed what’s been said about her and Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker by going Instagram official today. She posted a pic of the two holding hands without a caption while he posted the same to his IG story. She also posted a poem about Barker to her Stories that read, “Roses are red, violets are blue, garlic bread, Blink-182.” That was cute but if I ever feel the need to rhyme my man’s name like that and any of you see me do it, please take me out back and get the gun from the mud room rack. Just kidding. lbvs. A source close to the couple told People Magazine that Barker’s been crushing on Kourtney “for a long time.”

“He’s liked her for a long time and she just got more open to the idea. He’s a good guy and a really great dad,” the source told PEOPLE. “Her family and friends all really like him. Their kids all get along too, which is sweet.”

Another source last month said “Travis is great guy. He is very nice to be around. Throughout their friendship, Travis has always had stronger feelings for Kourtney.” They went on to say “He has been pursuing her for a while.” The two have 6 kids between them both and with them both being in their 40s, they probably have had enough to last them for awhile. For some reason Kourtney doesn’t strike me to be a Keke Wyatt who’s trying to have her own football team.

In other Kourtney news, she went official with her man days after her ex Scott Disick went official with 19 year old actress Amelia Hamlin. So is it possible that she might have felt a certain way about his announcement? Also, he’s a very bright blonde now. People tend to undergo serious physical transformations amid breakups so it looks like they both might be keeping an eye on each other. And do you know why I think this?

Anyone remember the reaction her mother Kris Jenner had at seeing Disick naked… and the way she went for the biggest sausage in the refrigerator grinning from ear to ear laughing about how big he was? And then remember how they both went to do a reality show together? I don’t remember if it ever aired or not but Kourtney and Scott were a toxic relationship. No one understood why those two were together. He was a jerk and of the most arrogant kind. He also gave off big d*** energy, just like what Kris talked about. And there you have it. They’ve broken up several times. Let’s see if this one sticks and if she’s given herself enough time to ween herself off of it because we see it’s still on her brain.. just a lor bit.