Photo Credit: Kyle Richards/Instagram

Kyle Richards just appeared on Amazon Live this Tuesday announcing she’s making her triumphant return to The Realhousewives of Beverly Hills for her her 14th season saying she’s already “back filming.” The Bravolebrity added, “I don’t even know if I’m allowed to say that “But oh, well. What are they gonna do to me?” She said the decision was “much harder” given her recent separation from husband. “I was torn just because it’s been a long time since I’ve been on the show, and last year was hard. I really wanted to get back to having some fun on the show, and I just needed some more time since the reunion.” And already the shade is coming from other Housewives. Lisa Rinna posted to her Instagram Story “Oh, look who’s still together” while posting a picture of her and her husband Harry Hamlin. The problem is she said this after already leaving the show. That’s definitely a missed opportunity for flming.

The shade from Rinna posted about Kyle Richards wasn’t just directed at her. Dorit Kemsley just announced she’s separating from her husband after 9 years together. Ricahrds said about the breakup, “I feel bad for them. Going through that is difficult enough without everybody wanting to know all the details.” She also added that she feels “terribly” for them. Another person who weighed in on these breakups and especially in the shade department was Crystal Kung Minkoff who used her own anniversary as cause to throw a jab of her own saying, “We met 21 years ago today. And for 21 years, we have made our family our priority. #ChooseWisely.”

Others in the RHOBH camp have commented on Dorit’s breakup to include Lisa Vanderpump who said she wasn’t surprised to hear the news saying, “I do have a mutual friend — well, a few mutual friends actually, with PK — and I kind of heard from the hotel that he was staying in for many months, that they had been separated for quite a long time. On and off, backwards and forwards. So no, it didn’t surprise me.” She added that she has sympathy for their children saying, “But, as always, my feelings are, I think it’s sad when children are involved and I hope they work it out. I really do.” Dorit herself has responded to speculation abouot the split when she had just said during the show’s last reunion that they were better than ever by saying “Sh*t happens. It’s called life — try it sometime. One day at a time.” She never lied about that. And if there’s anything we know about reality television or even life in general is that those who poke fun at these situations on camera should be careful they’re not next. That’s life.

Then there’s the fact that speculation of Dorit’s relationship news is a publicity stunt which Executive Producer Andy Cohen has said is absurd. “I think that’s ridiculous,” he told E! News while promoting FRESCA Mixed’s new club. “I think that’s a terrible thing to accuse someone of. I was sad for them,” he added. “They were just one of those couples that seemed very much in love, they got each other.”

And back to Kyle Richards, her husband Mauricio Umansky has moved out and she’s confirmed he’ll still be appearing on the show with her. Appearing on the Bitch Bible podcast, she said he moved out when she wasn’t in their family home. “I had been away and he did this while I was out of town, which is the smart thing to do. I had said I didn’t want to be there to see that. So it was just strange. And it’s like wow, it’s gonna be like this sometimes,” she said during the podcast. She said her 28 year marriage she considered her biggest accomplishment. “I came from a home that was broken. My mom was married many times. So I was very proud of my marriage and the family we built. It was hard for me to finally get to a place where I could say this is a success no matter what.” Alas, things change.

Are you all excited about Kyle Richards returning to the Real Houswives of Beverly Hills for another season?