Photo Credit: Kyle Richards/Instagram

Kyle Richards has found herself in the background of a viral meme that you can’t spend any amount of time on social media without seeing. And that meme is her holding back a hysterically crying and screaming fellow Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmember Taylor Armstrong who’s shouting at a judgmental cat that’s correcting her in every meme the two appear together. Whether it’s one of her saying she’s working on herself and the cat calling it “h*eing” or her saying “Worcestershire sauce” and the cat calling it “Werzdtgrvhfshr,” they’re all pretty funny. The photo of Armstrong came at a time she was experiencing physical abuse from her then husband that she wasn’t being open about and received a message from a fan asking if it was tough to see circulate so much, to which she was surprisingly okay with.

“Thank you – that is my past and I have moved on and am in a really healthy, happy marriage,” Taylor Armstrong wrote about her recent viral fame. “It doesn’t seem like my life any longer. I work w domestic violence shelters and support victims. It’s ok to laugh at the images that have been created.” We’re glad someone asked because each time it was shared, we had a little trouble doing so because when this appeared on television in 2011, we watched the whole thing unfold and it was ugly. She even had some type of plastic surgery I believe to correct something from when her husband hit her. We’re just happy to see she’s much better these days.

As for the cat, his name is Smudge and he first went viral from a Tumblr user by the name of MISSINGEGIRL who posted him in the summer of 2018 with the caption “he no like vegetals.” It wasn’t until this summer that he went viral. He’s even been posted next to Lil Kim with him asking if she was his mom since he has slanted eyes and they’re both pale white. I’m a Kim fan but still had to laugh at that one.

While out in L.A., Kyle Richards was stopped to talk about the meme and she expressed her confusion saying, “I have no idea what it is or what it means. I don’t get it. Can you explain to me what it means? Because I would like to be enlightened.” Co-star Lisa Rinna was equally confused saying, “I don’t understand that.” The photog questioning her said we need to have a recreation of that meme and while Richards jokingly seemed okay with that, given the way alcohol sort of leads up to these types of events with the ladies of the Beverly Hills housewives, it’s likely to occur sooner than any of us expect.