Photo Credit: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Kylie Jenner just did a Q&A with her fans on Instagram in her Instagram story and spent the time to get into the nitty gritty about parenthood. One of her followers asked her if she was interested in having more children. Her response was “I can’t wait to have more babies but not ready just yet.” She might not be ready but it doesn’t mean she hasn’t been planning in the back of her head. She apparently already has a name in mind. “Rose. I still love that name,” she posted accompanied with a flower emoji. As for how her pregnancy went, she said there’s “Nothing more special than feeling your baby move and grow,” And as for pregnancy cravings, she said she had “a lot” of Eggos and In-N-Out. Dang. And to think I make waffles using a waffle iron and she just pulls them out of the freezer. By the way, I’m sure that’s the only part of my life that trumps her.

“How do u get Stormi to talk so darn well?” another fan asked. “i talk to her like an adult & explain everything to her!! Even when she was too young to talk. They are little sponges. Also flash cards!!” And getting back to shape after being pregnant is always a difficult thing for any mother but apparently not for Kylie. She said, “i snapped back pretty fast but it was never the same and still isn’t! once I accepted the change my confidence came back. It just takes time.” Now we’re sure she’ll never admit all of what she had to do to get in shape that all involves resources normal human beings don’t have. She added that she has lots of stretch marks on her breasts, butt and thighs that she has yet to figure out how to get rid of. “Just accepted them as a little gift from Stormi lol,” she wrote.

Notice that no questions were answered about her split with Travis Scott.