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I want you to read this headline over again and try to convince yourself that this family isn’t crazy. There really isn’t a good scenario here. Khloe Kardashian told her little sister Kylie Jenner that her boyfriend Tristan Thompson had slept with her best friend Jordyn Woods. Mind you, Jordyn lives in Kylie’s house. Well, she did. As of yesterday, she moved back with her mother. Then there’s Tristan. He spent a ridiculous amount of time in the press for cheating on Khloe repeatedly and going so far as leaving venues in different cars to try and evade the press. It didn’t work. Then he got upset at the Kardashian sisters for ruining his name bashing him on social media and leaking comments to the media. Then he decided to go and pull this stunt. Smh.

Jordyn had an event last night to celebrate the release of her false eyelashes line Eylure. She lightly touched on what was going on saying “Thank you guys for coming out and supporting me through everything that’s going on,” she told guests at the event, via Entertainment Tonight. “You know, it’s been real, and Eylure has been super real with a project I’ve been working on for over nine months right now.”

Privately, sources are saying Jordyn has been panicking over what she did trying to make things right. The source described her as being “really distraught” trying to apologize for what she did. Jordyn has been trying to reach out to Khloé, Kylie and everyone else in the family to apologize,” the source explained. “She wants to apologize and make everything right.”

She “knows she made a mistake,” the source continued. “She’s completely remorseful. She spent the whole night crying with her mom and sister.” They’ve said she is “living her worst nightmare. She’s completely distraught and knows she has lost everything. Her life will never be the same.” They went on saying “Kylie pays for her entire life and she even bought Jordyn a car,” the source furthered. “Jordyn was on all of her vacations. Her whole family was invited to the Christmas party and Stormi’s birthday party.”

Jordyn had one job.. and that was to be a loyal friend and not sleep with any of her family members or associates in relationships. That isn’t that hard. Like Glenn Close said in The Devil Wears Prada. There’s a million girls who want to be where she is right now and given the fact Kylie was basically bankrolling her, how stupid do you have to be? And of all people to sleep with, why let it be the guy that if he so much as looks at someone, the world is going to know about it. Then again, this could be one of Mama Kris Jenner’s schemes where she staged all of this. See, there’s a reason I avoided this story for at least a day. This type of behavior will give you an aneurism trying to figure out.