Photo Credit: Lady Gaga/Instagram

Lady Gaga had the unfortunate experience of finding out her dog walker was shot in LA and 2 of her dogs stolen while she’s in Rome working on a new film. While the motive isn’t clear, the dogs are french bulldogs which are quite expensive and in demand so they likely could have been going for those. And at the same time, they likely didn’t realize the dog walker was Lady Gaga’s. They probably regret doing this given the fact that a manhunt for those dogs are likely to be underway now.

The event took place just before 10 pm Wednesday night and now $500,000 is being offered to bring the two dogs back “no questions asked.” A third dog was with the dog walker who ran away during the attack but was later retrieved. For those who may have info on the whereabouts of these dogs, they can contact We’re keeping our fingers crossed that she gets her dogs back and that her walker is doing fine.