Photo Credit: Evan Samra/Samra Studios

Lala Anthony has joined the cast of the Beverly Hills 90210 reboot BH90210, her biggest television role to date, set to air this August. She’s going to be one of the few starring in the show outside of the original cast as they’re ALL going to be returning, except for Luke Perry who passed this March. She’s going to be playing the role of hip hop artist Shay, married to Brian Austin Green and the one in the relationship who makes all the money. She’s used to all the attention but also described as being down to earth as well.

As for the show itself, “it’s about the characters behind the characters,” Jennie Garth told EW. “It’s inside the lives of people that lived in those shoes for those 10 years, and it’s about them coming back together.” Also, thee’s going to be a new angle to the show this time around. The characters are playing fictionalized versions of themselves… essentially a show of people being on another show.

Brian Austin Green said on his podcast that fans “are going to get to see … all the characters … in their forties. We’ll be playing them again.” But there’s “more behind the scenes” showing the “process of making that show,” which they plan on airing as well.

“It is a reboot. It is a meta reboot. People are getting hung up on [us playing] heightened versions of ourselves,” Green said. “But Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm is a heightened version of himself. That’s not actually his wife or his house or his office… It’s him playing himself … but it’s then fictionalized … some of [the plot lines] are real and some aren’t. You don’t question it. It’s just entertaining.”

Green said that not playing David Silver again was a selling point, explaining, “For us as actors, I don’t want to just play David Silver anymore. I spent 10 years doing that and I’ve done tons of sh** since then. I understand that people love the character but that’s what Hulu is for, that’s what DVDs are for.”

BH90210 builds on Anthony’s television resume to include Charm School, Two Can Play That Game, Soul Plane, One on One, and Power among others. And with Power said to be coming to an end, it’s good to see she’s going to remain on tv. Lala’s always a refreshing face to see. The same way she made her appearance in Drake’s In My Feelings music video having fans go crazy, her announcement of being on BH90210 was met with the same level of fanfare.

She’s also working on a new romantic soap series alongside 50 Cent for Starz that she’s starring in. Titled Intercepted, it’s based on the Alexa Martin bestselling novel of the same name. She’s playing an NFL player’s wife who after about a decade of being together comes to grips with their relationship ending and vowing to never date another athlete. It’s a role she’s had some experience with given the near decade she’s been with Carmelo Anthony who she just got back with after being separated for two years. A release date has not yet been mentioned.