Photo Credit: ABC

Lamar Odom was cut on Dancing with the Stars this week but while he was awaiting his fate, he was caught standing in the background adjusting himself. But he wasn’t just adjusting himself, he was doing some major junk grabbing. And he wasn’t exactly in the back. He was still in plain view of the camera. Was that his message sent to his ex Khloe Kardashian to see if she missed it? We’re sure there’s less obvious ways to do that. The paparazzi asked his fellow contestant Kel Mitchell what he thought about it and he laughed it off. They told him that no one cared about him being kicked off, they’re just talking about him adjusting himself.

A guy did a piece for Women’s Health Magazine a couple years ago explaining all the reasons men adjust themselves including sometimes just to see if it’s still there and others it’s subconscious. We’re more inclined to think that Wendy Williams’ thoughts about it are a little more accurate that maybe he caught something at the Bunny Ranch. And if that’s so, his girlfriend, Sabrina Carr might want to get checked out, that is if she isn’t the culprit herself. Get it together Lamar. And we don’t mean get your junk together. You’ve done enough of that.