Photo Credit: Lamar Odom/Twitter

Lamar Odom made news over a week ago for his old management holding his social media accounts hostage, costing him in upwards of $8,000 a post. Well he’s finally been able to get the situation resolved after announcing he had his account back Wednesday on Instagram saying, “I’m back! Got access to my account thanks to Instagram.” He also thanked his new management Gina Rodriguez for the hard work which lead him to going as far as to Instagram’s headquarters to have things resolved. He added, “Anything you saw posted in my story or on my page was not me posting or commenting from this page.”

He had previously claimed that his old management was milking every bit out of him as possible trying to continue to profit off of him by using his account for their own posts. At the time he announced he didn’t have access to his accounts, he said, “my social media is not yours! If I chose to leave, that’s the decision I make. Your decision shouldn’t be to highjack my social media.”

One thing that Odom has spoken extensively about is his regret for how he treated Khloe Kardashian. Last year he said he would go back to the year he cheated on her and take it back if he could. Well it looks like he might be possibly plotting to correct things as he was just seen home shopping in her neighborhood. He was there Monday with an entourage including his managers Gina Rodriguez, and Anthony Kotzev and Harlem Globetrotters star Tavorris Bell, realtor Tyson Flynn andhis trainer, Arden Banks touring a $7 million home in Hidden Hills.

He recently joked about the 2nd baby Khloe just had a week ago via surrogate saying that she could have hit him up for that which is what leads us to think he might be intentionally trying to get close to her. Now Khloe already almost moved her ex Tristan Thompson in once and changed her mind after finding out he had a baby with someone else. We’re not sure if she wants to deal with another ex down the street trying to get back with her. Come on, Lamar, you’ve got the whole entire LA area to move to. You don’t have to do this.