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It’s been 2 weeks since Lamar Odom’s dad passed away at 67 and he’s decided to pay tribute to him on Instagram in a post saying, My pops and I had our differences but at the end of the day I knew he loved me and I loved him.” He thanked his fans for all of the “extended love and prayers” and his friend and Love & Hip Hop star Karlie Redd for having the picture of him and his dad commissioned. He went on to say “Now the work begins, I have a legacy to leave !!”

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Him and his father had a rocky relationship which is understandable. There is no such thing as a perfect family. Things had gotten so bad between them that he quit paying his dad’s rent in 2013 for talking about his in-laws, the Kardashians. But when he almost died in 2015 of an overdose, his father was there by his side. In the end, it’s better late than never to rekindle your relationship with your family. You only get one dad and as some who’s lost both parents and didn’t speak to one for several years, I will cosign these words of his.

He’s lost both parents now at 41 and looking back at how he handled disagreements with his father, he said, “I encourage you to take some time and make amends with family and friends, tell someone you love them, smile a little more, laugh out loud, give your heart to those that deserve it because NOTHING is promised but death. That’s it.”

Odom’s father might not be hear anymore but hopefully his words on parent-child relationships will resonate with someone, coming from a guy with experience in multiple ways on how short life is.