Photo Credit: Lauren London/Instagram

In the latest turn in 2021 is a pregnancy rumor about Lauren London. Now it’s been almost 2 years since her ex, rapper Nipsey Hussle’s been in the ground so to move on at 36 in that time frame doesn’t seem that unreasonable. Given that Nipsey has been such a treasured part of the hip hop community, her moving on isn’t something people have exactly given much thought. That’s probably because she’s been laying low since his passing. We mostly assumed she was in mourning but if this L.A. Sentinel source is to be believed, she wasn’t mourning exactly that hard. “Information is still being gathered, but there is an undeniable sense of warmth surrounding the news,” the outlet shared.

“The American actress, model, and television personality has experienced many different levels of grief behind losing her significant other and father to her child, Nipsey Hussle, but being a mother has been an anchor through her waves of sadness,” the outlet continued. “The ATL movie star is looking to celebrate later this week, with an intimate baby shower.”

It also makes us wonder, when did she get pregnant? If it was during lockdown, we could see it. Aside from that we’ve had too much craziness going on lately to be getting pregnant with the election, not knowing if the world would be rioting over the results, an insurrection and certainly not after getting a tattoo of his love note in November. We kid. If she is in fact pregnant we wish her the best of luck in the pregnancy and whatever new relationship she may be in even though we have no idea who she got pregnant by.