Photo Credit: Lavar Ball/Instagram

If you’re a basketball fan, then you know the Ball family, including patriarch Lavar Ball, the media hog that is known for steamrolling the industry to make sure his kids are set careerwise. You could almost call them the Kardashians of the sports world. The difference is that Kris Jenner does her work behind the scenes and he secures the bag loud and unashamedly in our faces. And speaking of not having shame, we just came across an old video of him announcing his Big Baller Brand merchandise showing some big balls of his own. In the video, he’s sitting on a sofa with all of his junk together all in the camera’s face. There’s no way whoever was recording him didn’t see it. The only explanation is that they didn’t want to seem gay by telling him to adjust himself. But that’s okay, we appreciate the view and now we see how he gets the deals done that he does. Someone clearly has some big balls. 😏