Photo Credit: Lebron James/Instagram

This week, Congressman Swalwell had the fart heard across the world that’s still making headlines with debates on whether it was him or the sound of Chris Matthews’ coffee mug being dragged across the table. But if that wasn’t enough, it’s apparently going around because Lebron James not only just got caught passing gas on camera, but it was in such a way it could be heard clear across the parking lot. It occurred Thursday night in Oklahoma City when he and Chris Paul were leaving Mahogany Prime Steakhouse. Fans were outside asking for autographs, who he apparently blew right through but when TMZ decided to say something to him, he stopped right in his tracks, lifted one leg up like a dog and ripped one loud enough for everyone to hear. I guess he let TMZ know how he felt about them.

You could even hear his teammates in the car letting him have it for trailing the smell back in the car. And do you know what the beautiful part about this was? Just like karma, he was on Twitter later on in the day complaining about how there was a full concert playing outside of his hotel breaking his sleep. Welp, that’s what you get for playing Fart Master and indirectly challenging Swalwell on who’s manly order could be worse. Let’s hope for the sake of us all that Swalwell doesn’t provide a follow up. Wait, who are we kidding? That would be great television!