Photo Credit: 2 Chainz/Twitter

In what seems to be some continued goal of world domination, Lebron James has now entered the world of rap music by performing A&R now. His first project is 2 Chainz’ new album ‘Rap or Go to the League.‘ The name comes from the fact that 2 Chainz played college basketball at Alabama State University back in the day. It’s also a perfect subject for the two to come together on. Also, this album is coming out March 1st, so they managed to keep this collaboration a secret for awhile.

“It’s been quite the journey to get here. All night studio sessions, reflecting, & opening up on these records or as I call it therapy! This is my each one teach one body of work, I wanna celebrate black excellence! ….. “Rap Or Go To The League” the album A&R by @KingJames 3/1,” 2 Chainz captioned a video of the two together working on the project.

“I know you’re busy,” he tells the Los Angeles Lakers player in the clip. “For you to be able to come over here. Don’t nobody know but the people in the room. They’re going to be shocked [to] know how much input you had on it. You’ve been on it for the whole year.”

Lebron’s wearing a hoodie saying “More than an athlete” in the video, representing his ESPN show by the same name while giving his thoughts on a release strategy for the album. “We have 16 tracks, right?” he tells the Grammy winner. “Of the 16 tracks, we want to do 14. But is there a problem with, a week or two weeks after the album drop with the 14 tracks, that we add a deluxe album and add the two songs back on?”

And when we said Lebron was on a world domination kick, he’s made sure that he won’t be one of the stereotypes who spends all of his money and goes broke early on. He’s about a decade into having his own production company, SpringHill Entertainment which has produced a number of shows for NBC, Disney and they’ve worked with Lions Gate. He’s currently both producing and starring in Space Jam 2. And for all of Lebron’s success, it proves that he’s capable of doing more than just basketball as Fox News’ Laura Ingraham told him to “Shut Up and Dribble” this time last year in response to his criticism of President Trump. He even created a documentary last year of the same name which pretty much proves he came out on top of that situation as he’s the one that had the last laugh.