Photo Credit: Fort Lauderdale Police; Bobby Lytes/Instagram

Love & Hip Hop: Miami star Bobby Lytes was arrested for disorderly conduct and failure to obey police early Friday morning and has since been released. The arrest occurred in Ft. Lauderdale and for a moment we thought this might have involved Khia since they’re both in about the same area and had been sparring back and forth online this week, but if that was the case, we’d know about it by now. A slight bit of controversy in his arrest is that he was listed as being white which sent him going off in an Instagram post he made including footage of him getting arrested. He described it as a the price of fame and how the industry will tear you to pieces if you allow it. HE of course used this as an opportunity to promote his single Block Hot.

Now he still hasn’t mentioned what he did to get arrested, it’s rumored to be a bar fight that happened. And just a few days ago he posted Khia’s mugshot laughing at her for even having one and now he has one of his own. And it’s not his first. If you Google his real name, Bobby Nico Wade, he has a couple himself already. He just doesn’t have makeup on so you might not recognize him. But this seemingly being used as a means to promote his single comes across as contrived. It reminds us of Lil Kim saying people want to go to court for not doing their nails instead of having a record for something legitimate.

This could be him acting out. He’s experienced a couple Ls lately from him shooting his shot at Lil Nas X a couple times, once on Instagram and another with him standing next to him in assless chaps like he was Prince trying to be seen at the VMAs, when Nas X kept his head down the entire time. And when he won an award and had to get up, he made sure to steer clear of Lytes. And Khia made sure to roast him over it which is why when we heard he had been arrested, Khia came to mind first. To that we’d say that Lytes might be crazy but he’s not that crazy to mess with her. The arrest report shows he’s 6′ 130 lbs. He wouldn’t stand a chance.