Photo Credit: Lil Keed/ Soundcloud

Rapper Lil Keed died back in May from health issues associated from drug abuse at 24 and apparently has not been able to rest in peace according to his family. His brother Lil GotIt says his tomb has repeatedly been vandalized. He issued a public threat in his Instagram Stories to anyone who decides to touch it moving forward saying “Whoever going to keed grave tryna unscrew him out the wall and stuff when I catch u it ain’t gone be nan nice so I hope u see this message !!!!”





The sad part about it is that he’s not the only one who’s been experiencing this, rapper Pop Smoke in September was reported to have had his crypt in Brooklyn severely vandalized and damaged in September of 2021 trying to take his remains out of the mausoleum. His mother posted on Instagram at the time, “The letters RIP actually stand for something, people!!!”

As for why someone would do such a thing, it isn’t uncommon for rival gangs to vandalize gravesites. And it’s a disgusting post mortem type of revenge and only perpetuates more violence. Hopefully Keed’s brother won’t have anything to respond to. We’d hate to have more to report on involving his gravesite.