Photo Credit: VH1

The second and last part of the Girls Cruise reunion aired tonight and while everyone made their announcements of what they’re working on, no other was any more anticipated than what was to come from the Queen Bee Lil Kim herself. Host Jeannie Mai asked her to please let everyone know something about a new album and literally pleaded while asking. Kim said that not only did she have an album coming soon but that she recorded so many songs it was a 2 part album. Now that’s what you call a comeback and probably the second most anticipated of the decade. Missy Elliott last put out a full album literally the same year as her and she just came back with about 4 songs. We love Missy and there will only be one but we were expecting just a couple more from her. And what better time to put out this album than when the one artist the media loves pitting her against, Nicki Minaj is retiring? Okay, that was a little dig but we had to throw that in there.

As for what others are working on, Mya said she’s touring the rest of the year, Chilli was participating in the reunion by video call because she was on tour, B Simone is going on a comedy tour with Pretty Vee and we missed the rest. There was a lot of sizzling romance going on on the show as well which Jeannie inquired about the future of each of the pairings. The steamiest seemed to be B Simone and Raheim aka Dreads. Now they were cute together and it took her friend Vee to try and get her to calm down over him which is understandable. Dreads is fine and just as a little tip, he’s in our list of people to cover for our Eye Candy section. He gives off former Panthers player Correy Smith vibes before he cut his hair. Anyway, it turns out that B said they hadn’t seen each other since the trip despite living in the same city. Then he said he texted her and she responded with “Who’s this?” Ouch. But he said there was no bad blood between them. The funny part is that when B was first asked about the status of their relationship, she made a prank saying she was pregnant and his initial reaction of shock and wanting to look supportive on television said it all… they definitely smashed at least once on that trip.

And Kim’s love interest on the trip was Chef Tobias. And it’s obvious why they hit it off. He has that rough, dominating vibe that is exactly what we’d imagine would work with Kim. But the same happened there. Kim said she just wanted to be friends. He seemed to be reminiscing on the reunion couch and talked about how not many men could say they got to know her which almost sounded like code word for getting intimate. And sidebar, he’s from the DC area. From the time I first heard his voice, I knew it. I could spot DC swag anywhere. But he’ll be fine. He said that Kim told him she just wanted to keep it friendly and he said he was a friendly guy so… sounds like he’s still on the market. And we have to add that part of the explanation she gave of not only choosing to not get too close to him was the fact that she was seriously trying to get that bag and didn’t really have time for anyone else. We understand, Kim. You’ve got to strike while the iron is hot.