Photo Credit: Breakfast Club Power 105.1/Youtube

R&B singer Lil Mo appeared on The Breakfast Club today and immediately became a trending topic. Twenty some years in the industry, that’s commendable. Though a significant amount of the interview involved her speaking about the marital abuse she suffered from her now ex-husband, boxer Karl Dargan, host Charlamagne laughed saying what she was talking about was sad, but she makes everything sound so comedic. Take the fact her fur kept getting stuck on her lipgloss. She said it felt like eating a**. lol

We covered her interview with longtime friend DJ QuickSilva in DC where she went into detail about the $400 opioid habit she had during her time with Dargan. She chose to go more into detail today saying that the 5 C-sections she had had already left her with extra pills to use already and living in Philly made them that much more accessible. She said she was so accessible that she was told that no one was going to come see her perform if they could just see her around the way in North Philly. Then people started snitching and telling people about her drug habit. And they weren’t just people who saw her around the way, these were people she helped buy cars, etc.

She talked about the times she’s been turnt on social media sending messages asking people to drop their location to meet up in the street, etc and that it was that type of behavior that had people not wanting to approach her about how she needed to get herself together because she was clearly on 10 at all times. And her drug use wasn’t just to mope around. She was shooting multiple shows and she said it was to help her get through her day whether it was filming or bleaching the whole house. And that’s a good thing. She’s clearly never without anything to do. She said that for some time she felt the fans had left her but they’ve been coming to her saying how much they miss her which has been inspiration to get herself clean and back focused into work.

The process of getting clean hasn’t been easy. For one, she said she nearly overdosed after getting sold a fake pill where she found herself praying yet again to God for her not to die. She described a time when she was nodding in the studio in Baltimore and was told to go take a break and return after she’s cleaned herself up. She described what then happened as her being essentially locked in the basement and not coming out until she had it all out of her system. She said it felt like death and was so bad she both wanted to die and just asked that her children be taken care of.

As for her former relationship, she acknowledges that while he may have been bad for her, she also might have been bad for him since she was there helping contribute to his bad habits. She was right there bailing him out each time something happened. She also says his abusive nature likely comes from how he was raised in survival mode instead of love. She says he’s an example of how you have to love your kids. Her father called her a “whore for marriage,” saying she would marry anyone just for the sake of being in a marriage. She also said that overtime she feels he became addicted to the limelight and became a caricature of himself. He had pretty much stopped boxing, which he said was due to injury, but she said everyone he grew up with that was boxing had either gone to jail or something that caused him to stop. He was the last one standing and didn’t see any reason to continue. She also said her efforts to level him up failed, especially given how he was putting more energy into paying the rent of other women instead of their own. And the woman he was caught Facetiming on Marriage Bootcamp, he later had a police report for beating her up as well.

Fellow Marriage Bootcamp star Jessica Dime appeared in the interview with her where they talked about their new project they’re putting out entitled, Thelma and Louise. And Dime talked about how excited she was to be on the show with Mo and talked a little about the unfortunate situation of witnessing her and Dargan’s relationship situation firsthand. She even had a second to plug the fact that she’s been receiving show offers, but she hasn’t picked something that’s the right fit just yet. Mo of course is playing Frankie in the stage play adaptation of Set It Off and just like her time on R&B Divas, is remaining “booked and busy,” but this time sober.