Photo Credit: Lil Nas X/Instagram; Chloe Bailey/Instagram

Lil Nas X has been shaking the tables, the chairs and the sofas with his coming out as a gay rapper expressing himself on stage and now he’s doing the same flirting with women. Now under any other normal circumstances a male rapper hitting on a female wouldn’t be a big deal. When a guy who took over a prison in a music video and turned it into a pink jumpsuit wearing gay fest does it, it’s a bit eyebrow raising.

Chloe Bailey is on the cover of Flaunt Magazine and has a feature with her wearing a crochet bra, black stockings and pants leading to a very excited Lil Nas X. He tweeted her, “no disrespect but u need yo ass ate for this because wow.” And before you start judging, I’m just going to say that’s not that bad of a compliment depending on who it comes from. She did respond, “thank you, boo.” I mean, this is Lil Nas X we’re talking about and he’s helped usher in a new age of pop culture. Maybe he’ll he’ll help normalize a** eating. Who knows?  The comment didn’t seem to bother her. I mean, he didn’t offer to do it. He just said it needed to be done.

Glitzers, do you think Nas went too far with this comment or was it innocent?