Photo Credit: Lil Twist/Instagram; Pepa/Instagram; Sam Mattick/Instagram

Growing Up Hip Hop star Lil Twist has made it clear he’s not comfortable with some of the other cast’s actions. And we’re referring to Pepa’s daughter Egypt Criss’ man Sam Mattick being in the kitchen in a thong, covered in whipped cream for OnlyFans. He also thinks Mattick is using Criss for clout and doesn’t believe he’s interested in her. I mean, you do have to wonder about a girl that’s directing an OnlyFans video of her man putting him in a thong. But then again, Mattick’s bragged about the $3,500 a month he’s made on there, so there’s that.

Pepa confronted Twist recently telling him, “You’re constantly always talking about Sam,” where he responded, “You should buy him some pants.” He adds, “Sam should cover his a*s.” That’s when she told him,  “Stop looking at his a*s and cover your face.” What’s funny about the whole exchange was that she said in a green screen interview, “Who does this guy think he is talking to an OG like this?”

Following up on their discussion, Twist told Pepa, “If you care that much and you don’t want people to be talking about this man that’s punching a bean bag in his drawers, maybe you should tell him to cover his a*s.”

In another green screen interview, Pepa said, “There’s a lot of homophobia in the hip hop community. I know a few artists who have suffered from that. You know, Twist can say it’s his opinion, but in this day and age, words can incite hate and discrimination. And I feel what he’s saying is homophobic, plain and simple. Period.”

Now Pepa has a point. Remember, Mattick sang in front of the cast saying he wasn’t straight but he wasn’t gay last year. Twist responded asking, “Well, what the f*ck is he, then?” Honestly, you can be whatever you want, but sometimes the language and labels of what people are choosing to identify as these days, coming from a gay person, can be confusing. So that’s a fair question. But if the man is saying he’s not straight, it would seem like he would lay off of him. Clearly he’s not concerned about his masculinity so why belabor the point?

Still, Twist denies being homophobic saying, “When he really decides to come out the closet, I’m gonna accept him.” Twist continued saying he thinks Mattick’s sellign his soul. “Miss Pepa, I’m not worried about your son-in-law, ma’am. I’m worried about what he’s doing as a man. Showing your a*s on Instagram, shadow boxing…that’s selling your soul.”

And determined to not drop it, Twist went on Instagram writing to Pepa again, “The only thing I hate and discriminate against is the bullsh*t y’all WHOLE family b on… Pepa funny y’all.”

Is it possible some clout chasing is going on here? Absolutely. Just like no one believes that Porsha Williams is engaged to a man she started dating a month ago who happens to be a friend of her’s husband she’s in the process of divorcing on the Real Housewives of Atlanta when bloggers were all saying she would be leaving the show? Yes. Is he carrying on a bit much about Mattick being gay? Honestly, there is naturally going to be some growing pains of these types of energies that don’t generally comingle being forced to work together. Do we want Twist to uncover any type of grifting and fake relationships on the show? Twist, our popcorn is ready. We want to see where this is going.

And just like Kenya Moore and #Strippergate on #RHOA, if you do it on the show, then we can talk about it. How are you in a thong on Instagram as a man, engaged to a woman who denies being gay and no one can say anything about it? And who besides an old creep wanting to see pubescent looking boys is signing up to see that anyway? I’m on Twist’s side. If you don’t want it talked about, cover up, then.