Photo Credit: Lil Uzi Vert/Instagram; SAINt JHN/Instagram

Lil Uzi Vert’s apparently been out in LA acting up today. The police are currently looking for both him and SAINt JHN for an altercation that happened outside of a cafe between the two. It took place at Dialogue Cafe in West Hollywood when Uzi pulled up on SAINt JHN and flashed hid gun handle causing bystanders to take off running for fear of a shootout starting. Instead, a physical altercation began and they both fled the scene.

While it’s not clear the cause for this, Uzi’s ex Brittany Byrd was out with SAINt JHN this past March. But they broke up years ago… like when Obama was still president. He can’t possibly still be mad about that. Then again both women were at it for the longest so it’s possible.

On another note, does anyone think that his relationship with JT is just her being his beard? Do we know that he likes women at all? We’re not so sure. So why would he be ready to fight over a girl? And was this a staged fight to make people think he’s a tough guy? Then again he’s from Philly so we should probably give him a little more credit there.

Another scenario… if he’s fighting over a girl he broke up years with years ago, they probably didn’t stop seeing each other. We see he’s had JT dressing like Brittany which might be JT trying to keep him from looking back at his ex. We have a feeling this story is far from over. But can we add how gay it is to scare people into thinking you’re about to shoot up a coffee shop? Come on guys. Can’t you go pull up on each other in the hood somewhere. West Hollywood of all places? That’s the equivalent of wrecking at a gay pride parade. Do better, guys.